About me

Hello. My name is Pavel Patrin and I am a software engineer.

I have experience and skills

  • Backend development
  • REST services development with python and Django / Flask / uwsgi
  • SOAP services development with python and Spyne / Suds
  • Analyzing projects architecture and refactoring
  • Atlassian projects (work with Jira, Confluence, Stash)
  • Agile techniques
  • CI (Jenkins)
  • Testing techniques, QA, autotesting
  • RDBMS (Postgres , MySQL, Oracle)
  • Linux (administrator and developer)

Also I am good in

  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Design patterns
  • Principles of software development
  • Client side development (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3+) and libraries (AngularJS, React, ExtJS 3+ and more)
  • XML/XSLT technologies
  • NoSQL (Riak, Memcache, Tarantool, MongoDB (a little bit))
  • PHP5, Symfony, Doctrine

My contacts

Email: pavelpatrin@gmail.com

Additional information is available by your request.